Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction:

Exploiting the Vulnerability of New World Order Corporate Globalism With Regional Blockchain Entrepreneurial Economic Growth.

A well organized, and well financed global political movement is attempting to replace the American state sovereignty model of government with a one-world government, called the “New World Order.”

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The movement in the United States is led by the 200 large corporate members of the United States China Business Council and the 200 corporate members of the Business Roundtable.

The movement is led and managed by Klaus Schwab, the CEO of the World Economic Forum, who conducts the annual WEF forum in Davos, Switzerland. The forum in Davos is attended by representatives from the United Nations, political activist groups and global central banks, who share the mission of implementing the New World Order.

There is very little public discussion in America about the intent and implications of the New World Order. Neither the Democrat nor Republican Party offer any resistance or strategy to counter the global political movement.

Our book explains how the New World Order currently operates, and its long-term strategy of world domination by a type of one-world  government structure called corporatism.

We explain the vulnerability of the New World Order to an economic model called blockchain entrepreneurial capitalism.

Author: Laurie Vass