GABBY is short for The Great American Business & Economics Press.

GABBY publishes books written by Laurie Thomas Vass.

GABBY Press is the publishing company of The Citizens Liberty Party News Network, which promotes the creation of The Democratic Republic of America, a new nation, that replaces the United States, after the current nation collapses.

Her main interest is to describe how a new constitution created on the federalist, state sovereignty framework of the Articles of Confederation, changes the representative republic into a democratic republic.

She also writes about how technology evolves, and how the operation of free markets creates the conditions of individual liberty.

You can learn more about the federalist, state sovereignty constitution at The Democratic Republic of America.

You can read, and offer support, for a new American political party at The Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

Our website mascot is Drosophila, a bee that has remarkable evolutionary characteristics that allows it to rapidly change its DNA, just like the current nation must change its DNA from a representative republic to a democratic republic.


Please contact GABBY with any questions, ltv at gabbypress dot com