The Democratic Republic of America

The Spirit of Individual Liberty

We believe that the Revolutionary leaders in 1776 had the best idea for the new nation. They believed that the new nation should be based upon individual liberty, as expressed by Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence.

Those Revolutionary leaders called their political movement “The Spirit of ’76”, which we adopted as our logo, to commemorate the spirit of individual liberty.

The nation’s first constitution was designed to allow each state to manage its own internal affairs, and delegated a specific, defined set of powers to the central government.

The Articles of Confederation were written by Thomas Burke, of Hillsborough, North Carolina.

The Articles of Confederation were ratified by the 13 state legislatures, in 1781. This ratification was more credible and legitimate than the process of ratification of Madison’s constitution.

Twelve years after the start of the Revolution, Madison’s constitution of 1787, converted the Articles of Confederation to a centralized representative republic, whose rules favored America’s nascent aristocracy.

Eventually, Madison’s rules devolved into a centralized elite tyranny, disconnected from the consent of the governed.

We believe the current nation will collapse, either peacefully, through a civil dissolution, or in a violent civil war between globalists and national sovereignty forces.

The ideological differences between socialists and natural rights conservatives are irreconcilable.

This CLP News Network advocates returning to the state sovereignty framework of the Articles of Confederation, and dissolving the current nation into two new nations:

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