Ending The Predatory Corporate Capitalist War on the American Middle Class: The American Entrepreneurial Alternative to Totalitarian Corporate Globalism

How the global corporate supply chains destroyed the American middle class and what citizens can do about it.

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Large U. S. global corporations began implementing the new global economic trading patterns, with the passage of NAFTA, in 1994.

Ross Perot was correct when he said, “It’s pretty simple: If you’re paying $14 an hour for U. S. factory workers and you can move your factory South of the border, and pay a dollar an hour for Mexican labor, …and you don’t care about anything but making money, there will be a giant sucking sound as American jobs go south.”

Moving American middle class jobs to Mexico, and later to China, was just the first part of implementing a global corporate supply chain that replaced the domestic U. S. economy with a global economy, controlled by large corporations and the western global central banker alliance.

The vertically integrated global value chains internalized global income and profits for the benefit of the ruling class elite and central bankers who control the global economy through private contracts, called the “rules-based international order.”

Income and wealth that used to be distributed to American middle class citizens in metro regional economies became directed exclusively to ruling class families and global banking corporations.

The rules-based international order replaced democratic citizen political participation in the domestic U. S. society with a centralized authoritarian tyranny, which functions beyond the constitutional consent of the governed.

The end goal of one world globalism is to obtain more wealth and income for the global ruling class, and the means to the end is to impose a global police state tyranny, which functions just like the society of communist China.

The American Dream of individual equal opportunity for financial prosperity is being replaced by this one-world government totalitarian regime,

Our book describes how the globalist economy works, and how an entrepreneurial economy would work in a new state sovereignty American constitution.

The middle class strategy to defeat corporate globalism is a decentralized entrepreneurial capitalism, which is beyond the reach and authoritarian control of the global ruling class elites.

The new United States constitution would create fair rules of economic and political exchange for all citizens to obtain financial success.





Author: Laurie Vass