A Civil Dissolution: The Best Solution to America’s Irreconcilable Ideological Conflict. Read our 5-star review

The transformation of the Democrat Party from a social class based political party to an ideological class and race war political party is a permanent change in American politics.

The Democrat Marxists will never go back to being a social class based political party that represented the commercial interests of common citizens.

Read our 5-star review by Literary Titan

Even if the Republican Party happened to win an election in the future, the Democrat Marxists will continue their quest to undermine the American political system in order to achieve permanent authoritarian power.

The concentration of power that was reserved to the ruling class, under Madison’s checks and balances, was obtained by the Democrats in the stolen election of 2020.

The moral and ideological differences between Marxist Democrats and natural rights conservatives are irreconcilable.

This book explains why the philosophical differences between the two groups of voters are irreconcilable and presents the argument that a civil dissolution of the nation into socialist slave and liberty free states is the best possible strategy to resolve the ideological conflict.

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Author: Laurie Vass