The Restoration of the American Natural Rights Republic

Since 2008, callers into the Rush Limbaugh radio program have been expressing a common despair about why the Republicans did not fight to protect individual freedoms from the socialist transformation of America, when the moment of battle with global socialist tyranny arrived.

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This book explains why the Republican Party can never be expected to defend individual natural rights. It offers solutions to the consequences of the Republican abdication by outlining the restoration of a natural rights republic that restores the American cultural ethic of the “self-made” citizen.

The Republicans need to be seen as representing a special interest group, operating within the framework of the checks and balances of social classes, created by Madison and the Founding Federalists.

It is a mistake for the callers to Rush Limbaugh’s program to believe that the Republicans were anything other than the incarnation of the natural aristocracy, under Madison’s flawed system of checks and balances. Those callers just assumed that the U. S. Constitution had safeguards that would protect freedom when the battle with socialist tyranny arrived.

They have discovered that the Republicans have abdicated their historic responsibility to defend constitutional natural rights, because Madison’s arrangement did not require that of the Republicans.

For Republicans, a “more perfect union” means promoting a single special interest of corporate globalism, protected and enhanced by the Federal government.

For Republicans, corporate globalism, and the defense of natural rights, do not connect.

Author: Laurie Vass