The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh:

Is It Time to Panic? ———————————————————————————- Available from Gabby Press. $22.00. —————————————————————————— Beginning in the fall of 2008, just prior to Obama’s election, listeners to the Rush Limbaugh program would call in, and frantically ask Rush if it was time to panic. Rush would always tell them, in a very soothing, reassuring voice, that it was not time to panic, and he assured his listeners that he would tell them when it is was time to panic. Rush could not tell his listeners that it was time to panic because he hoped that one day, in the future, that the Republicans would become the party of conservatism.

The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism

The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism: Comparing the Economies of Chinese Communism, Crony Corporate Capitalism, European Crony Socialism, and the American Free Enterprise Innovation Economy Millennials are attracted to socialism because they believe that the socialist economic systems are more fair than their concept of American capitalism, which is the crony corporate capitalist version of capitalism. Our book extends the analysis of the Annual Report on US Attitudes Toward Socialism to explain why so many young Americans are attracted to socialism.