The Gigantic BLM White Supremacist Hoax

Available in eBook at Books2Read $5.50 We explain how the entire repertoire of Black Marxist hoaxes about racism and white supremacy in the American founding fits into the Marxist paradigm of the Black Marxist exploitation of White people’s surplus labor value. In other words, we apply Marxist theory to explain the strategy of Marxist Democrats to extract unearned income and wealth from White American citizens. We provide an economic/political model of how the hoax of white supremacy works, when it is successful, in extracting surplus labor value from the White race. In Marxian theory, surplus labor value is the value of production over and above the money value to keep workers alive, at subsistence level.

The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh:

Conservatives know the future of the Nation is in jeopardy from the relentless attack from Marxist Democrats. The other side has already declared that conservatives are domestic terrorists and is purging them from the military and from social media websites. They hold patriots in solitary confinement, without charges or due process. It will not be long before they ratchet up the violence against patriots. Our side is not prepared to do battle to defend liberty.

The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism

The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism: Comparing the Economies of Chinese Communism, Crony Corporate Capitalism, European Crony Socialism, and the American Free Enterprise Innovation Economy Millennials are attracted to socialism because they believe that the socialist economic systems are more fair than their concept of American capitalism, which is the crony corporate capitalist version of capitalism. Our book extends the analysis of the Annual Report on US Attitudes Toward Socialism to explain why so many young Americans are attracted to socialism.