Updated November 8, 2022: Preface to: George Mason’s America: The State Sovereignty Alternative to Madison’s Centralized Ruling Class Aristocracy

Preface: Our book is about Mason’s vision of America as an alternative to Madison’s constitutional design. The difference between the two visions is the difference between a decentralized state sovereignty framework, which would have promoted the economic interests of common citizens, and Madison’s centralized ruling class aristocracy, which permanently elevated the financial interests of wealthy American citizens over the interests of common citizens. Mason  objected to Madison’s consolidated all powerful central government, and insisted that Madison’s constitution violated the spirit of liberty of the Revolution.  

Updating Schumpeter’s Creative Gales of Destruction:

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The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism

Text version $21.99 Buy Now: $21.99 eBook available at Books2Read. $5.50 The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism: Comparing the Economies of Chinese Communism, Crony Corporate Capitalism, European Crony Socialism, and the American Free Enterprise Innovation Economy Millennials are attracted to socialism because they believe that the socialist economic systems are more fair than their concept of American capitalism, which is the crony corporate capitalist version of capitalism.

The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh: View our video of the book below.

We wrote this book as a tribute to Rush Limbaugh, upon his death. We placed his comments and philosophy into the natural rights ideology of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. We explain how Limbaugh’s ideas on the clash between conservatives and liberals is irreconcilable. We conclude that it is “Time to Panic,” in order to save the ideology of individual liberty from the relentless assault of Democrat Marxists.