New Conservative Movement

There are only two political parties in America.

In Madison’s two-party, first past the post political system, commercial interests, or social classes, each had their own political party.

The wealthy citizens, originally called the “natural aristocracy” by Madison, had the Federalist Party.

The Federalist Party eventually morphed into the Republican Party, that promotes the commercial and financial interests of wealthy families and global large corporations.

We believe that the Republican Party has been permanently branded as a racist party, and that it will never recover from this branding.

In order to move beyond the current Republican Party, we believe that a new conservative movement is required that restores the principles of Locke and Jefferson.

At one time, long ago, common working class citizens had the Democratic Party to represent their interests. Eventually, the Democrat Party morphed into a globalist socialist party.

In Madison’s system of checks and balances, no political party promoted the liberty and freedom of citizens.

After the current nation collapses, due to internal divisions, a new political party must lead conservatives to a new nation, called the Democratic Republic of America.


The right person to lead the New Conservative Movement  is Lou Dobbs.