The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh:

Is It Time to Panic?

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Beginning in the fall of 2008, just prior to Obama’s election, listeners to the Rush Limbaugh program would call in, and frantically ask Rush if it was time to panic.

Rush would always tell them, in a very soothing, reassuring voice, that it was not time to panic, and he assured his listeners that he would tell them when it is was time to panic.

Rush could not tell his listeners that it was time to panic because he hoped that one day, in the future, that the Republicans would become the party of conservatism.

We argue that the time for conservatives to panic was before the successful Democrat Marxist coup of November 3, 2020.

It is unrealistic for Rush listeners to believe that the Republican Party will ever be able to restore conservative values in the American Republic.

Part of our mission is to place our interpretation of Rush’s natural law/natural rights philosophy into the constitutional framework of a democratic republic, whose end goal is the defense of liberty in an entrepreneurial capitalist economy.

After the panic subsides that America, as founded, is over, we advise Rush listeners, and 75 million Trump voters, that it is time to create a new nation, divorced from the Marxist Former United States of America.