A Civil Dissolution

With the transformation of the Democrat Party into a global socialist party, and not the historic party that represented common working-class citizens, Madison’s Federalist system of checks and balances no longer works to prevent tyranny.

Video for Civil Dissolution

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The U. S. Constitution is not doing its job, and the natural rights of citizens are being destroyed by the consolidated, centralized, tyrannical power of political elites in Washington.

This book explains why the philosophical differences between natural rights conservatives and Democrat Party socialist voters are irreconcilable. On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive view of America.

This book explains that socialists do not have a moral allegiance to the constitutional rule of law, and that they have no concept of God-given natural individual rights, because they have no concept of God.

The bed rock religious belief of socialists is that America is an evil empire. They thrive politically when American citizens are taught to hate America. The rhetoric and imagery of slavery will continue to be used by Democrats, because it is such a useful tool for making black Americans hate America.

This book presents the argument that a civil dissolution of the nation into socialist slave states and liberty free states is the best possible strategy to avoid future blood shed.